JAY II – Worth It

Pop intertwined with suave RnB jolts, JAY II marks our hearts with their languid groove ”Worth It”. This is the first JAY II song that is a duet. Producer Jay Phoenix sings on it along with Hailey J. Distilling ethereal balances in cadences offer contagious sweetness notes under minimalist percussions, which catch the emotions. JAY II creates notes bordered by beats to caressing rhythms, filled with their tenderly burning song. An exquisite blend of dark cracklings and delicate breathy notes stimulates us with this new title. While waiting for the continuation, JAY II is noticed with ”Worth It” and voluptuous jolts.

JAY II (Jay the Second) is a Los Angeles based electropop duo with classical music roots. Hailey J., the singer, has an opera background, and Jay Phoenix, the producer, is a concert pianist and composer. The two connected over their similar musical upbringing and their shared interest in the EDM/pop world.
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