Jack Burn – Timezones

In a languid breath, here is Jack Burn who distills a caressing rhythm at Pop rates with Timezones. Multiplying the moiré assonances of soul shards, this talented artist, originally from Newcastle, UK, reveals a title with a delicate groove that tenderly embraces.
Filled with suave and warm swings, his vocal performance is wonderful and he can put you into beautiful atmospheres with his energy and catchy lyrics.
So, under chords with voluptuous echoes, Jack Burn provides arpeggios that embrace gracefully. Until then, here’s what to wait until the next track.
This is a song I wrote when I first left the UK to go come traveling around Australia in 2017. Being away from someone that you care about and being on the other side of the world is what this song is about. I’ve spoken to many people since I started traveling three years ago and most of them can relate to this.
I recorded the song in 2019 In Liverpool UK. Produced by Anders Johnsen co-produced by Robert Johnson and mastered by John Davis.
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