– Get Out Of My Head(z)

Cascading electro rhythms intertwined with pop bursts, has released a new track, Get Out Of My Head(z). this gifted songwriter and singer flirts with fiery bass and amazing swing. Under the caressing breath of his voice, he multiplies the contrasts and sensual echoes. Mixture of fiery cracklings and fiery swings, he creates balances with heady electric reverses. This feverish pop slams both choppy beats and a delicate sprawling groove. Get Out Of My Head(z) will make you want to hear more.

James makes the music of ITSNOTU.ME.He also a songwriter, singer, amateur photo artist, and videographer. In his catalog, what you hear represents a journey from knowing nothing about music to creating his own with a brilliant team. He started on Youtube in 2008. He didn’t know anything, and Youtube was very new. He couldn’t play guitar, but he tried. He couldn’t sing very well, but he tried. His videos were basic and sometimes silly, but he kept trying.
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