HARRIE DBL-U – Lucifer

The gifted singer-songwriter HARRIE DBL-U is the artist that overwhelmed our redaction today. We discovered ”Lucifer”, the first release by the rising artist HARRIE DBL-U and that is exactly what we needed to keep believing in authentic music again. She unveils a magnificent journey, led by her powerful and flawless vocal performances.

The catchy vocal performance is also the reason why we can say that ”Lucifer” is the definition of a hit. With her relatable lyrical content and her sincere interpretations, she brings the music to another level of quality. While the production and musical aspects of this song are remarkable, the lyricism is equally spectacular. The lyrics are poignant yet relatable and can easily be contextualized in many of today’s most relevant topics. HARRIE DBL-U is a true storyteller, the kind of artist who knows how to utilize lyrics to endow the music with substance.

We are grateful for our latest discovery, ”Lucifer” is a beautiful track. This amazing masterpiece left us so excited to see where HARRIE’s career will go over the coming months!

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