Exxy – afternoon depression

Distilling a subdued groove of emotions and woven of delicate sparkles, here is Exxy with afternoon depression. In synthetic shades with languid pop breaths, this gifted artist invites you to voluptuous notes embroidered with sensual echoes. Exxy, a talented producer and singer-songwriter, catches our hearts with her subdued swings of infectious sweetness. Under movements of delicacy punctuated by soft feelings, afternoon depression make a suave notes embellished in irresistible fusions. So, with her amazing singing voice and professional performance, Exxy offers an exquisite and unstoppable escape that floats as in weightlessness, like a warm embrace.

From living in the Lower East Side of Manhattan to Kilburn Park in London, singer/songwriter/producer Exxy now calls Hollywood home. During her short time in LA, Exxy has already been making waves in pop music – collaborating with multi-platinum producers and artists. Exxy’s debut single was met with critical acclaim and became the theme song of an Amazon Original Series premiering in 2018 in collaboration with Trident Fantasy Films.
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