Erik Frank – Bump and Grind

Distilling a groove with RnB intonations and electro vibrations, here is Erik Frank with ‘’Bump and Grind’’. In aerial swings and hot movements, this talented artist creates a dreamy combination with voluptuous synthetic jolts. So, in enchanting arpeggios, Erik Frank caresses the bodies with his bewitching rhythm. The atmosphere of this record is unique and the chorus is nice, we have enjoyed the catchy vocals. With a caressing song and with sweet scents, he unveils a captivating track. Loren weaves a story with irresistible movements.

From a small village to the top radio charts, ERIK FRANK has amassed over 300 million streams and is a uniquely talented singer/songwriter. Nicknamed Melody Genius by Grammy Nominated producer Jayson DeZuzio (Imagine Dragons), and anyone Erik works with, the 22-year-old had humble beginnings.  Born in a village of just 200 people, the idea of becoming a star was the very definition of a long shot. Getting out wasn’t easy. Moving from Spain to France, the U.K. and finally landing in the U.S., Erik’s formative years and global experience began to permeate his music. His blend of R&B, Pop, and Hip Hop is as unique as the countries he’s lived in.
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