Elisé x Jimilian – No Lie

With pop bursts and electro twists, here is Elisé who team up with Jimilian to reveals  No Lie. Under throbbing percussions and with beaten notes, Elisé marks the hearts with her plural emotions. Elisé’s voice is distinctive and amazing, and it creates a wonderful atmosphere that will give you a great listening experience. No Lie is about a toxic relationship, written by Elisé “alter ego” Ms.Williams. So, in exquisite twists, this talented artist offers us an addictive voluptuous rhythm. In the meantime, getting away from it all is possible with this amazing song with pop sparkles.

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Elisé shares new music and a new captivating energy. Her raw, soulful style brings power and play into her upcoming releases. Formerly known as Ms. Williams, she first made a splash in the Swedish music scene with the buzz-track “FYRB” in 2017. An unapologetic take on the classic heartbreak ballad that she made her own & was released on BMG Scandinavia.
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