EKKO – Tipsy

With pop bursts and electro twists that strike them and mingle in a dark softness, here is EKKO with Tipsy. In vaporous echoes, this talented artist, Norwegian native, singer-songwriter and producer, smacks hearts with gentle force. The atmosphere of this song is unique and the production sounds professional and polished well, the lyrics are original and meaningful. Beneath electro bursts with playful assonances, it jostles with a rhythmic melancholy and caressing foundations. So, in taut swings of soft percussions, EKKO graciously strikes with a cloudy groove.

Norwegian native, singer-songwriter, and producer EKKO is otherwise known as Rebekka Danielsson has returned in full swing with her second single ‘TIPSY’. Another electric, bouncing, pop-infused tune has arrived and in perfect timing. Oozing with simple yet pure, addictive melodic hooks and immaculately gleaming production throughout, this single is another shining example of EKKO’s impressive electronic understanding and utter expertise. Partnered with an upcoming, equally as bright and captivating video.
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