Edge – Vice City Vibes (sscrcy)

Under a Commercial blast with psychedelic intonations, here is Edge which bites hearts with Vice City Vibes. With dark surges and fierce impulses, he caresses the bodies with a feverish zest. By Combining RnB and Rap echoes in a nonchalant groove with exquisite jolts, Vice City Vibes slides in contrasting hues. Under the song of Violet which gives the comings and goings a more sustained sweetness, the title slaps the bodies. As for Fatale, with its electro-pungent and languid RnB swaying at the same time, the crackling takes hearts with captivating sweetness. Accelerating the rhythms into fiery percussions, Vice City Vibes is transformed using alternately subdued and energized swings. So, in a contagious rhythm, Edge succeeds in his bet: to make you want to dance, under emotions veiled with raging sweetness.

Edge, an artist based out of Western Canada, has curated a sound like no other. His music is best described as a blend of ecliptic alt-trap, & r&b with distinct influences from world sounds. “I make music that makes people feel, whether it be happy, sad, nostalgic, and psychedelic. They’re all spectrums of emotions that my music invokes in people. I make vibes, essentially music I enjoy”-Edge. Born in Abuja, Nigeria, from a young age Edge was keen to expand his sonic palate, gathering inspirations from artists like Goldlink, Tyler the Creator, Col3trane, Buddy & Childish Gambino.
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