Dave Sorrendino – Give

In synthetic pop notes, here is Dave Sorrendino who returns with Give. With this delicately ardent title, this gifted artist, originally from New York, distills singular movements, recognizable among a thousand. Multiplying the tremors haloed by scrambled crackles of soft power, his pop is irreparably shaken up. Give is a timeless pop love letter to being lost in a very crowded city, full of every possible direction but feeling like I was going nowhere. It’s about living and breathing the lowest lows of loneliness when it seems that everyone else has it figured out. So, in subdued swings of feelings. Dave Sorrendino colors his pop with shadowy zest beats. Give resonates under this delicately feverish refrain, brewed with stormy echoes, captivates him with its haunting groove, oscillating between light and shadow.

New York-born Dave Sorrendino, who found himself in Los Angeles writing and producing for artists and projects before setting sights on his own work. The eclectic presence of his heroes ranges from Jackie Wilson to John Lennon, and Ray Charles to Kanye West encourages him to not only be a singer song songwriter but a performer with something to say. Writing and lyrics is something Dave spends the most time on because he believes that the right song can change anyone’s life.
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