“BLANKET”  is the new release by the talented songwriter, singer, artist, DALBY.  She invites you to an awakening of emotions. “BLANKET” carries away intensely and without concessions, with throbbing spikes in pop echoes, leaving you like an addiction in suspense. “BLANKET”  was kind of an embodiment of that since a blanket is basically part of shelter and warmth, which are two basic necessities of humankind. The guitars are very heavy and so harmonious, the drums and bass are excellent and the beats are very creative and unique. Blending stormy percussions and aerial echoes, DALBY catches our hearts with her catchy intonations.


The talented songwriter, singer, artist, and activist Dalby Biehl is no average 15-year-old. This highly gifted teenager has found her own little niche in composing music and lyrics that are relatable to both your youngest sibling and your favorite grandparent. Dalby speaks to her fans on many levels. Her creativity is inspiring, her vocabulary is impressive and her commitment to being herself makes her music a very ‘unique’ breath of fresh air.

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