Comodo – Do What (feat. Lucia Aurich & Daniel Hilpert)

In rock swings and pop echoes, here is Comodo release Do What. This talented artist, from Brazil,  invites you to gentle movements bursting with caressing song with tender vibrations. Mixture of delicate strength and slender ardor, this track bursts with suave discharges, thus exploiting heady contrasts. Do What is moving in the verse and energetic in the chorus mixing up indie-pop style with synthesizers and a big vocal range. The lyrics are will writing and tell a romantic story about an old couple after a long time being together. So remember the name of this gifted artist and be ready for his next song.

Berlin-based artist Raphael Comodo from Brazil takes his musical creativity to a new level. On June 1st, 2020 he will release his first EP Simi Gold with his band project COMODO, with three diverse songs. The new project created in collaboration with producer Daniel Hilpert will be presented over the year with four delayed EPs releasing unforgettable songs that make you want to hear more. The musical genre reflects the zeitgeist – diverse and undefinable. The first EP gives a sounding impression of what to come.

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