Anna Graceman – Night Follows

With a diffused poetic sweetness, here is Anna Graceman who unveils her new title Night Follows. Under hushed notes of pop elans, mixed with folk-echoed pop. In vaporous assonances, beaten with emotion, Anna hangs in farandole feelings at a delicious rhythm. This talented singer-songwriter has one of the most beautiful and amazing voices that I have ever heard in my life and her vocal performance is very professional. So, under her caressing song, her hearts sail on an infinite horizon line, on the edge of the land, between reality and dreams.

L’image contient peut-être : 1 personne, gros plan
Anna Graceman a singer-songwriter and pianist who writes performs and produces her own music. She first gained attention at a young age performing on Ellen and America’s Got Talent and has since released dozens of songs under her own record label. Anna also performs with her siblings Allie and Landon in their band, Graceman.
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