Anirban Jee – YOU ON MY SIDE

Today on Pretty White, we fell in love with Anirban Jee’s music. The artist got us addicted to his track ”YOU ON MY SIDE”, one of the best we’ve heard in 2023. The vocals are unworldly, with a splendid and breathtaking interpretation, showcasing Thy Veils’ talent for creating out of the box, out of the conventional norms and expectations. An example of artistic freedom. Anirban Jee is the kind of artist who creates a new world, to transport the audience into an inspirational and healing energy. ”YOU ON MY SIDE” transports the listener into a unique world of POP and R&B hit, keeping listeners on the edge of their seat from start to finish.

Musical devotion can go two ways, it’s either a hobby, or it’s your life. For Anirban Jee, his musical awakening spawned at the vibrant age of 12, when he received his first electronic keyboard. Heavily influenced by a diverse range of musical genres through the ’80s and ’90s, Anirban found himself heavily inspired by pop icons such as Elton John, Richard Marx, Maxwell, Sting, Carol King, and many more.

 Futuristic and remarkable, dive into ”YOU ON MY SIDE” right now :

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