An Interview With Tori BLK

Q: Hey! Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

A: Of course! First off, thanks for featuring me on Pretty White! Means a lot. My artist name is Tori BLK and I like to say that I write music for the fools and heartbroken. Most of my songs are about love and being Queer. My favorite part of writing music is the lyrical take and I consider myself more of a storyteller than an entertainer and you won’t find me playing on stages very often. I have in the past, but I am sticking to writing songs since that is my strength.

Q: Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind your song “Two Scared Girls”?

A: Two Scared Girls is a mix of my own life and the life of a queer woman as she is finding her place in the world. The story and inspiration behind the song take on some of my own encounters along with what I feel several women go through when they are searching for love at the beginning phases of queer romance. It’s all about equal love with a dab of all the emotions one would feel if they were a “secret” or their love was kept kidnapped as a “secret”.

Q: What personal experiences influenced the creation of this track?

A: I can’t say I have had many experiences in my life when it comes to queer love but the few that didn’t flourish definitely had their way inside the soul of this track. I did my best to portray my vulnerabilities in this song and to be honest I still think I could have opened up more. But it’s a good start for being the first song I write so directly about the topic. I’ll keep putting myself out there and see where this all goes and in the process, I hope the queer community can find themselves relating to it.

Q: What emotions and themes does this song explore, particularly in relation to equal love and longing?

A: If you listen closely to this song, I wanted to make sure it sounded like I was talking directly to the girl I’ve fallen in love with. I wanted that queer woman who’s going through a similar situation, to be able to take this track and send it off as a letter. Whether that’s over text or DM. This song follows two girls that are terrified of going all the way, I’ve been there. I’m saying “I’m terrified too” because whether this works or not, I got this entire chest filled with emotions for you. And I don’t know what to do with them. Then, there’s the dude in the middle! What the heck do we do about that? The world is scary for these two girls! How can we love each other equally? How can we do this right? How do we come out not just as queer, but as two loving souls in a world where everyone thinks it’s so wrong to love unconditionally?

Q: How do you hope your audience will connect with and relate to this song?

A: I hope they can find peace and hold hope for the love they seek. And I hope they take chances in their lives because not taking them is a waste. What kind of life are we living if we’re afraid all the time? Be brave.

Q: Did you face any challenges while writing or recording “Two Scared Girls”? If so, how did you overcome them?

A: Oh yes, It took me more than usual to write lyrics that made me move to this song. I think I had a hard time because of the vulnerability factor but as soon as I said “fuck it” and told myself to write for all the versions of myself in the past, it’s like it clicked! I am constantly evolving musically and spiritually in this world and I think this song showcases that because I’m taking the time to finally say what I had to say. It’s as if my throat chakra was unblocked and helped me get through the challenge.

Q: How does this track fit within the larger context of your musical style and discography?

A: I believe “Two Scared Girls” is the beginning of my writing more queer music to help heal and nourish the LGBTQ+ community. I will say that all of my past music is pretty queer because I am always thinking of same-sex relationships when I write them. But being able to write with much more honesty, that’s what I am shooting for. I don’t want fame, I want to help people feel their own emotions through my music. and to just help them be honest with themselves.

Q: Can you share any specific lyrics or lines from the song that holds significant meaning to you?

A: Some of my favorite lines are in the chorus “Take my hand, you know it doesn’t hurt you to take this chance, I know you’re scared, I’m scared too, cause I am no man”. That sits right in my heart. And then, that ending, with “We’re just two scared girls, We’re just too scared of this world.” That is an epic set of words that I think anyone who is queer or trying to figure things out, will be able to relate to.

Q: What message or takeaway do you hope listeners will gain from experiencing this song?
A: Life is too short to not love those you wanna love. Just go for it! Love whomever you want. As long as your heart is there, and you respect one another, you are golden.

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