An Interview With Haley Harkin

Q: Welcome! Can you tell us who you are and how you started to make music?

  A:  My name is Haley! I am a multi-instrumentalist and create folk medicine music. I have been immersed in music since I was a child but didn’t start writing my own songs until 2016. The desire to get better at my craft really struck me around that time. Shortly after I released my first album.

Q:  What inspires you to write and create songs?

  A:  The human experience, teachings of nature, and love.

Q:  Do you have a specific creative process?

  A:  The songs for the most part come to me on their own. I try to make myself available for them to float into my awareness. Sometimes I am inspired by an event, book, quote, etc, and a song will come.

Q:  How would you describe your latest release?

  A:  70’s timeless folk. To Heal Her Too is about the outward journey of being service to life/humanity after we have healed some of our biggest wounds.

Q:  What can we expect from you in the future?

  A:  A live album will be my first project! I am always creating music so much more to come.

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