An interview with Devon Love

Q: Hey, for those who aren’t familiar with your music, could you tell us a little about yourself?

I was born and raised in the Philadelphia area. I grew up singing in church as a kid. I always wanted more. I started getting more aggressive about taking massive action toward my dreams. I did research on songwriting groups and got more connected to my local scene. We are on my third studio single with a body of work as a songwriter for musicians across the globe. Every day I feel blessed to be living my original childhood dream of making music.

Q: You recently released your new single “Lost In Time” – can you tell us what the song is about?
“Lost In Time” is about a failed romantic relationship in my life. My ex-boyfriend was in active addiction and for now, is still struggling to stay clean. I don’t keep in touch any longer and have no idea where he is. I watched him lose his job, his apartment, and his friends, damage relationships with family, and ultimately lose himself in the process of chasing down the next high. I tried with his family members and friends to get him the help he needed. This song is about loving a person but knowing ultimately for whatever reason you have to leave them. It doesn’t have to be an addiction people can apply the song to the situation for whatever works. It’s about knowing you are on borrowed time and there is absolutely an expiration date on the relationship. It’s about choosing to remember good times and moments when you fell in love.
Q: What inspirations do you take when writing your music?
My inspiration for writing music usually comes from people that are around me. I’ve always been into psychology and wanted to know why people behave the way they do. Songs are always very strange for me. I may put a song that doesn’t work well at the moment off to work on something that is aligning better.
Q: Who are your current favorite new artists?
I’m obsessed with the group of emerging artists and musicians that are on Tik Tok. A lot of these people are going to cross into the mainstream and become massive. Izza is making these cool hyper-pop remixes. Alistair is a band I recently found on the app they kinda have a pop-punk style. I listen to a wide array of oldies and brand new music so I have a really wide-ranging healthy perspective.
Q: Who would your dream collaboration be with, and why?

My dream collaboration would be to work with some of the retired members of Jump5 and write some really happy upbeat music for sync licensing( not a release from me). My songwriting style tends to lean toward being sad and writing with people with happier perspectives helps a great deal. I would love to work with JC Chasez from NSYNC he has written for people like David Archuleta. Also, Myka Relocate (band) was a game changer seeing them perform live before they broke up. I always thought Michael Swank did really interesting projects and songs.

Q: What does the rest of the year have in store for you?
The rest of the year I am on the promotion trail for, “Lost In Time”. My song actually won an award in an international competition in the United Kingdom. I am a semi-finalist for the very first time. I’ve paid my dues to a certain extent so; I have more creative control. I am finally able to put the things that are important to me exactly true to my vision in the world. I just finished writing another song. I want to keep the momentum strong and get it produced.

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