Litvar – Alone (Not Lonely)

We had the opportunity to discover  Litvar, the talented band that recently caught our attention with their captivating new indie-pop and alt-rock in the brand new single ‘Alone (Not Lonely)’. Every week, we receive hundreds of submissions, but there is always one that sticks out among the rest. And Litvar caught our attention this week with their latest offering ‘Alone (Not Lonely)’. Although the singing voice is unique, its combination of pop and rock built over dreamy productions reminds us of popular and familiar hits. This amazing masterpiece left us so excited to see where Litvar’s career will go over the coming months!

Small-town indie-rock is having its heyday once again as listeners move their ears away from the big-city stereotypes in search of music and experiences they find more relatable. One band with a growing audience of sincere fans are Litvar, the American indie-rockers Rex Thurstan (he/they), Violet Falkowski (she/they), and Joe Lemieux (he/they) from Willimantic, Connecticut, who are in some ways defined by their experiences growing up in such an unassuming place, but it’s also their battle against the status quo that comes through with such power in their genre-blending sound.

‘Alone (Not Lonely)’ is a fantastic track that will catch more than one heart.

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