Alex Frew – 9 Feet Tall

In a languid breath, here is Alex Frew who distills a caressing rhythm to electro cadences with ”Feet Tall”. Alex’s voice is charmingly pure and his lyrics are original and well written, this artist, originally from Canada, has one of the richest pop voices I’ve ever heard, and the melodies are so beautiful and mesh with the lyrics perfectly. Filled with sweet and warm swaying, thanks to his amazing singing voice, ”Feet Tall” deliciously lulls hearts. So, under chords with voluptuous echoes, Alex Frew provides arpeggios that gracefully entwine. While waiting for the rest, here is something to wait until the next lead.

Peut être un gros plan de une personne ou plus, cheveux et vêtements d’extérieur
Canadian singer-songwriter Alex Frew is setting his 2021 off alight with his anticipated debut Cobalt EP. Following his introductory singles, ‘Get Out Alive’, ‘Antisocial Love Song’ and ‘Something To Hold Onto’, Cobalt brings together the bittersweet beauty of adolescence in a captivating tone.
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