AJ Smith – Nobody

The new catchy song “Nobody” by AJ Smith is going to make you enjoy the track until the last second. Under a sweetness crossed with melancholy outbursts and delicate caresses, AJ Smith establishes a suave groove bordered by heady wandering choirs. AJ Smith’s voice is a piece of art and his beautiful and unique music sets him apart from the crowd. AJ Smith shakes souls with his singular and bewitching rhythm. His powerful performance in this song is incredibly catchy. We hope you love this song as much as we do.

Denver-born, and recently relocated from NYC to Nashville, AJ Smith’s unconventional path to pop artist is reflected throughout his music, which has the uncanny ability to evoke a nostalgic desire for dramatic pop of decades past while sounding modern, fresh, and emotional. It’s no surprise then, that Smith’s songwriting and performance abilities have earned multiple awards, including the prestigious Abe Oleman Scholarship from the Songwriters Hall of Fame and a semi-finalist ranking in the 2020 International Songwriting Contest.
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